Mariah Milano walking in Beynac et Cazenac France!

Q&A with Mariah Milano


What Is Your Favorite Place You've Visited?

My favorite city is Paris, without a doubt. I love so much about it from the food to the energy and the history on display there. My favorite place I've visited is Civita Di Bagnoregio, Italy. That place just blew me away. 

Advice To A New Traveler?

The most important thing is to open your mind. Don't go anywhere with expectations. The reason we travel is to go someplace different than the place we live, so if you go to Italy or France and expect the American versions of the food you eat at home you'll be disappointed. The world is a big place with a lot of different people and cultures and until you appreciate them you won't appreciate anything.

What's Your Favorite Type Of Hotel?

I stay ONLY in boutique hotels or AirBnB that are NOT touristy. I like to stay in a neighborhood so I experience the place I'm visiting as it is meant to be experienced.

Anyplace You Haven't Been You'd Like To Go?

I want to go to Japan and see more of Asia. Vietnam and Singapore for sure. But Japan is #1 on my bucket list!

 I also want to travel in Ireland. It is such a beautiful place with such beautiful coastlines and countryside. I have been to Cork and Dublin but really want to get out into the heart of the country and see it all. There is still more of Italy and more of Germany I'd like to see as well. Eastern Europe is beautiful but it didn't make me want more the way France and Italy have done. 

I'd also like to spend some more time in Scandanavia. I've been to Sweden and Denmark but briefly both times. I'd like to spend a week or two traveling and seeing everything!

What's Your Ideal Meal?

You might think it would be something fancy because I'm such a foodie, but it's quite the opposite. To me the ideal meal is so simple and so perfect. A slice of fresh French bread with sliced tomatoes fresh from the garden still warm from the sun, a little drizzle of olive oil and a crumble of bleu cheese and put in the oven for 5 minutes. Have that with a glass of good wine and life has new meaning. You'll never eat better than that in your life. 

I also have a love affair with ramen. It has to be REAL ramen. I LOVE it so much. 

I also think a charcuterie plate with a glass of great Bordeaux is fantastic in so many ways. 

I am also a lover of soup, so great chicken noodle soup is at the top of my list also. I had a bowl of chicken soup in the French countryside that was so good I have had a hard time eating chicken soup ever since. Seriously, it changed soup for me forever!


Continued Questions!

Best & worst airlines you've ever travelled on?

I have recently been flying Norwegian Airlines to Europe from Ft Lauderdale and love it! The prices are great and the planes are all brand new Dreamliners with great in-seat entertainment. You can bid on the upgrades and I have not paid more than $300 to upgrade to premium so far which is awesome! So round trip from Ft Lauderdale to Paris in 1st class is around $1500 compared to Air France which is around $5000! Air France is the best airline I've been on with Qantas a close 2nd!

Ask Me Anything!

I'm happy to help those interested in expanding their world through travel! So please ask away and if I can answer I will!

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