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Mariah Milano Dreamin


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All Dogs Matter

All Dogs Matter

For those of you who want to be a little more conservative!

Mariah Milano Signature T shirt!

A Great Cause!

 100% of all sales go to provide medical care for pets in rescues and foster homes! 

So far we've donated over $10,000 to medical costs to treat heartworm and provide food and vaccinations for dogs in foster care and you could be part of it!

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Ill Post Your Pic!

Send me a photo of you wearing one of my shirts and I'll post it here on the site and on my social media, as well as tag you or your business! It's a win win for everyone especially all the dogs that need our help!


100% Cotton!

All of my shirts are made right here in the US of 100% cotton! 

They come in white or black and men's sizes L XL XXL XXXL and women's XS S M L 

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Our Mission

 I met this woman named Peggy a few years ago. My dog Skip had passed away when I was heartbroken and looking for another dog to help deal with the loss in my life. Peggy runs a pet rescue out of her home and takes in dogs unwanted by their owners, dogs hit by cars that go unclaimed, and dogs with heartworm and illness due to neglect.

I have been to her home and have personally seen how these dogs are treated, and it is nothing short of amazing. Her house is spotless. There is no smell and no mess. She lives barebones but the dogs have expensive holistic food, a yard to run around in with flea and heartworm prevention and plenty of toys and dog beds while she sleeps in a twin bed pushed against a wall.

So I fostered one of the dogs she had, but sadly had to return him because he didn't get along with my other little maniacs. It was then that I got to know her and started to help her raise money. Asking for handouts gets tedious so I decided a few months ago to start selling shirts to help raise funds for her. 100% of the money from the shirt sales go to her. I pay for the cost of the shirts, and whatever I get from the sales I pay the vet directly. We recently paid over $900 for surgery on a dog who had been hit by a car to save his leg. So far I've personally paid $3,240 in vet bills for her rescues from the sale of my shirts.

So if you want to do something for a dog that will more than likely save their life, but at the very least make their lives liveable, this is a great cause. There's nothing official about it. She does this because she loves it and it's her calling. She doesn't take it as a write off and she makes zero money doing this.

Thank you in advance and I hope that you'll help do something good for someone who does everything for those who can't do for themselves!