About Me

Who Is Mariah Milano?

If I look familiar or my name is familiar, that's because I have been on and around your TV & Computer screen since 1998. If you haven't seen me then it's great to meet you and welcome to my new travel blog!  My YouTube channel started out with me doing 1 new cooking show every day! Now it has evolved into cooking as well as travel, restaurant features, resort reviews and personal videos and also funny videos from my life.   

This new venture features my travels, both here in the US and around the globe! I have had so many people tell me I should do something like this that highlights my travels so here it is!

I will not only show you these amazing places, I'll give you an honest, unfiltered review of them! As well, I'll tell you where I like to stay and eat along with info like websites and phone numbers so you can check them out yourself! 

Just know that If I post it then I personally recommend it!

Cooking Videos - I am 100% self-taught when it comes to cooking and simply wanted to share my passion for great food with you! I also wanted to help anyone intimidated by the prospect of cooking and prove that  you can make some seriously delicious things that are very easy, even for a beginner!  I hope that you checkout my blog http://dinnerwithmariahblog.com for all my recipes as well as photos and articles! 

Travel & Review/Feature Videos - I have a serious case of wanderlust and have traveled all over the world! 

Thank you again and Welcome! 

xoxo Mariah Milano 

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